A team with more than 20 years of experience in different areas related to Private Label both in local and international markets..

Specialists in the definition,, Negotiation, implementation and improvement of processes related to the Private Label and the assurance of its Quality at all stages of the chain.

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Our journey begins ...

BAKAT means TALENT in Indonesian, a culture where for thousands of years, commerce has been its soul.

BAKAT is the result of our belief that the talent Private Label of a Private Label is the result of deeply understanding the needs of the customer and meeting their expectations by being: competitive, innovative, agile and ensuring a wow! quality in the use of each product.  

BAKAT has also a special meaning for our team, since during our experience in the development and negotiation of Private Label in third countries, BAKAT is the term with which we identified ourselves when achieving a common challenge..

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We believe that food and personal and home care can make a difference in the well-being of people and animals. Increasing the options in the choice of different brands, gives a greater opportunity to all segments of society.

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Our ambition is to become a trusted Private Label and Quality consultancy for our customers, contributing with all our talent, passion and our more than 20 years of operating experience.



The values that inspire our purpose are reflected in our value proposition: excellence in our service, closeness to our clients, agility and simplicity in operations.

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We are specialists in Process Optimization